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This Lil Piggy… made a pillow!

This Lil Piggy… made a pillow!

This week I finished my pillowcase  as part of the Handmade Cooperative‘s Great Pillowcase Challenge in aide of Pillowcases for Oncology Kids. The Handmade Cooperative recommended pillowcase submissions be in line with your business so I created something for a boy, (because in my business I always like to make sure they are catered for as they can sometimes be left out when it comes to beautiful handmade items) and some pigs of course!

So here’s the end product:

Pillow This Lil Piggy

The following information is taken from the Handmade Cooperative‘s website and provides further information about Pillowcases for Oncology Kids:

About Pillowcases for Oncology Kids

For those of you that do not know, Pillowcases for Oncology Kids (POK) is a charity founded in July 2011 by then 15 yr old Brittany.  Their mission is to provide a special pillowcase for every child undergoing treatment for cancer.

Founder Brittany, knows first hand how tough the cancer journey is.  When she was only 6 months old she was diagnosed with a rare Germ Cell Tumour, she had treatment for 3 years and to her parents horror was given a 0.01% survival rate.  She is now a gorgeous 16 year old, she still has a long way to go but this won’t hold this amazing teen back. 

Brittany started POK to put smiles on the faces of her fellow child cancer suffers and I can honestly tell you she has done this!  Today her charity supplies pillowcases to hospitals all over Australia. There are many young people in hospital right now using their special pillow. 

This pillow is much more than just some material, its a safety blanket, something special, something all their own, something familiar and something bright.

IMG_0957 edMy Inspiration

As stated above I wanted something for a boy and it had to incorporate pigs. For the embroidery I chose to have pigs suspended from balloons because of the old adage, “when pig’s fly” – which is often said when something is considered unlikely. I wanted to depict in my design that with a little imagination anything is possible. I chose to also incorporate some patchwork as it is close to my heart – I learnt to sew independent of my mother (who is a fabulous seamstress) with patchwork and have been sewing in this style for 13 years. The fabrics used in the patchwork were all from my stash, reminding me of those blankets I have made with great care and love for family and friends. Patchwork makes me think of comfort, and of home of warmth and of big hugs from your Nan – I hope that is reflected in my pillowcase for the child or young person who receives it.

Around the edge of the pillow I used some mustard bias binding as piping (not sure if that is the correct term?). I have used bias binding for blanket edges in the past but I have never tried using bias binding in this fashion so that was a nice challenge and I am pleased with the outcome. The cowboys fabric was the most prized piece in my stash – I was going to make my son some shorts but instead thought it would be perfect for a boy’s pillowcase. I will try to source some more because I just love it when fabrics remind you of times, places, projects and I think this is a nice sewing project for a good cause that I’d like to regularly remember.

I hope that this pillowcase brings some comfort to a child receiving cancer care – our thoughts and prayers and with them and their family.

IMG_0966    IMG_0974


Get Involved!

The Handmade Cooperative challenges you too!  It’s not too late to get involved – pillowcases must be submitted to the Handmade Cooperative by 10th February 2013.  You don’t need to be able to sew you can buy a pillowcase and embellish it in your own way, or you can make a donation. Please seen the Handmade Cooperative‘s website, to make it easy for the beginner they have even included pillowcase sewing tutorials:

Online Sewing Patterns

The follow pillowcases tutorials are recommended by POK
1. You Go Girl!: Posh Pillowcase
2. 44th Street FabricQuick Pillowcase Tutorial 
I also think this pillowcase is worthy of a mention:
Notes from the Patch:  Pillowcases.
NB: This pattern includes downloadable instructions.
Great Pillowcase Challenge

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