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This Lil Piggy Mascot?!

This Lil Piggy Mascot?!

This week my mother and daughter surprised me with a project they had previously mentioned only in passing as ‘The Onesie’. “We are sewing ‘The Onsie‘, choosing buttons for ‘The Onesie’ and finishing ‘The Onsie’. Well today was ‘The Onsies’ big reveal and it made me almost twosies with excitement on the spot!

Matison was raiding my mother’s extensive vintage pattern collection when she made a prize find… a pig costume  pattern (?!). Drawn to just how damn cute it was, and not restricted by a pig costume being seemingly impractical to a 16yo girl’s wardrobe, Matison worked in ca hoots with Nanny to develop – “The Piggy Onesie”. Congratulations Matison and Nanny on a very creative combination which will certainly see Matison super snug all Winter…. and give us a little laugh.

One of One, “The Piggy Onesie” – just brilliant!

PiggyOnesie PiggyOnesie


Gertie’s Portrait Blouse FINISHED!

Back in January 2013 I had a Day in the Sewing Room where I commenced the Portrait Blouse  from Gertie’s Book for Better Sewing (which I got for Christmas). Well… it’s done! YAY! Clearly it took awhile but not due to complexity, just because I have been very time poor of late.

Gertie’s instructions were easy to follow and the rolled hems seemed tedious based on the instructions but they were actually rather therapeutic in execution. Gertie has many interesting projects and tutorials – I think she’s a real know-it-all when it comes to modernised vintage and vintage techniques, check out her blog  (you’ll thank me!)

Now I have purchased some lovely fabric and it’s all washed and ready to go… I just have to choose my next project!

Competition Time – Naming Rights – Win Your Choice of This Lil Piggy Shoes!

Competition Time - Naming Rights

ALERT ALERT Competition Time – I’m stumped for a lovely quirky name for this new little pair of shoes so I’m handing naming rights over to YOU! As a thank you, the facebook liker with the coolest quirky name (as chosen by my super hip 16yo daughter) can chose a pair of This Lil Piggy shoes Australian handmade to their liking in any size/style (valued at $23.95 + postage). Entries are now open to likers (and lovers) of This Lil Piggy – handmade shoes worldwide! Entries close Friday 15 February 2013 8pm EST (local Brisbane time). Post your suggestion below or if you’re the shy type FB message me and I will post on your behalf.

Vinyl is a Five Letter Word

Vinyl is a Five Letter Word

Off I trot yesterday, during my lunch hour, to a local leather distributor. I explained to the woman there that I was new to leather work and that I make little fabric baby shoes. I explained that in the size 5 shoes (12 to 18 months) I had been using vinyl for the sole… she quickly interjected and whispered to me “vinyl is a 5 letter word we don’t use around here… once you use leather you’ll never go back”. Well, she was right.

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