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Competition Time – Naming Rights – Win Your Choice of This Lil Piggy Shoes!

Competition Time - Naming Rights

ALERT ALERT Competition Time – I’m stumped for a lovely quirky name for this new little pair of shoes so I’m handing naming rights over to YOU! As a thank you, the facebook liker with the coolest quirky name (as chosen by my super hip 16yo daughter) can chose a pair of This Lil Piggy shoes Australian handmade to their liking in any size/style (valued at $23.95 + postage). Entries are now open to likers (and lovers) of This Lil Piggy – handmade shoes worldwide! Entries close Friday 15 February 2013 8pm EST (local Brisbane time). Post your suggestion below or if you’re the shy type FB message me and I will post on your behalf.


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  1. Sara Fitzgerald

    My suggestion is orange-a-tan might be a bit lame but hopefully I get points for trying!

  2. What about’ Bossy Boots’

  3. Tod-hoppers? or Lil’ cobblers?
    Worth a try they are very cute!

  4. Wendy Hudson

    I think the name Bohemian Rhapsody is “fitting”. 🙂

  5. My 6 year old says “Giggi Piggi’s”

  6. Moroccan ‘Round the Clock

    • Congrats Valerie you’ve won a surprise 2nd prize of a pair of Tiny Dancer Ankle Bells! You can choose from grey sparkles, navy sparkles, fuchsia sparkles, brown tones, pink tones or pastels! Facebook message me your colour choice and your address and I will get them out to you soon – thanks for playing along! Bec

  7. If I’m allowed a second entry: Quatrefoiled Again!

  8. Jessica Bradberry

    Tater Tots

  9. Misty Lopez

    Piggies in a blanket

  10. Rebecca Stucki

    What else but “Wee Wee Wee”?

  11. “Wee, Wee, Wee-boks”

  12. They’re Trotters!

  13. Kristin Troska

    I would name these sweet little shoes Origami.

  14. Linda Davolt

    I vote for name Miss Monarch
    They look royal and pretty like a butterfly

  15. How about Tator-Toes or Gator-Toes? I also like Walk-a-Roos and Comfobeez.

  16. Button Booties

  17. And the winner is…. “Arabian Dreams” the winner takes home their choice of This Lil Piggy Shoes in their Style/Colour/Size choice! A surprise 2nd prize goes to “Moroccan Round the Clock” Runners Up win a pair of Tiny Dancer Ankle Bells inc free postage. Honourable mentions to Moroccosans, Nan’s Linoleum, Orange-a-Tan, and Roarange! Thank everyone for your creativity – it was really good fun… stay in touch, we’ll do this again soon!


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