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WIN your choice of This Lil Piggy Shoes made-to-order just for YOU!!

This month ran away so quickly I didn’t have a chance to run my regular monthly ‘naming rights‘ competition. April has been such a great month for This Lil Piggy at work and at play – I have been super busy with orders and my darling first born became a make-up artist and created her own facebook page to showcase her work: Matison Ellen Make-Up Artist.

SOOOoooo by way of celebrating Matison’s achievements, to test drive the Rafflecopter, AND to say a big thank you for everyone’s ongoing support I thought it timely we did a give-away the good old fashioned way – a raffle. The winner will be drawn randomly using Rafflecopter and will have their pick of This Lil Piggy shoes made-to-order.

This prize includes FREE shipping costs Worldwide so you’ve got nothing to loose – get on and ride this pony!

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This Lil Piggy Mascot?!

This Lil Piggy Mascot?!

This week my mother and daughter surprised me with a project they had previously mentioned only in passing as ‘The Onesie’. “We are sewing ‘The Onsie‘, choosing buttons for ‘The Onesie’ and finishing ‘The Onsie’. Well today was ‘The Onsies’ big reveal and it made me almost twosies with excitement on the spot!

Matison was raiding my mother’s extensive vintage pattern collection when she made a prize find… a pig costume  pattern (?!). Drawn to just how damn cute it was, and not restricted by a pig costume being seemingly impractical to a 16yo girl’s wardrobe, Matison worked in ca hoots with Nanny to develop – “The Piggy Onesie”. Congratulations Matison and Nanny on a very creative combination which will certainly see Matison super snug all Winter…. and give us a little laugh.

One of One, “The Piggy Onesie” – just brilliant!

PiggyOnesie PiggyOnesie

Gertie’s Portrait Blouse FINISHED!

Back in January 2013 I had a Day in the Sewing Room where I commenced the Portrait Blouse  from Gertie’s Book for Better Sewing (which I got for Christmas). Well… it’s done! YAY! Clearly it took awhile but not due to complexity, just because I have been very time poor of late.

Gertie’s instructions were easy to follow and the rolled hems seemed tedious based on the instructions but they were actually rather therapeutic in execution. Gertie has many interesting projects and tutorials – I think she’s a real know-it-all when it comes to modernised vintage and vintage techniques, check out her blog  (you’ll thank me!)

Now I have purchased some lovely fabric and it’s all washed and ready to go… I just have to choose my next project!

Vinyl is a Five Letter Word

Vinyl is a Five Letter Word

Off I trot yesterday, during my lunch hour, to a local leather distributor. I explained to the woman there that I was new to leather work and that I make little fabric baby shoes. I explained that in the size 5 shoes (12 to 18 months) I had been using vinyl for the sole… she quickly interjected and whispered to me “vinyl is a 5 letter word we don’t use around here… once you use leather you’ll never go back”. Well, she was right.

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This Lil Piggy… made a pillow!

This Lil Piggy… made a pillow!

This week I finished my pillowcase  as part of the Handmade Cooperative‘s Great Pillowcase Challenge in aide of Pillowcases for Oncology Kids. The Handmade Cooperative recommended pillowcase submissions be in line with your business so I created something for a boy, (because in my business I always like to make sure they are catered for as they can sometimes be left out when it comes to beautiful handmade items) and some pigs of course!

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A Day in the Sewing Room

This week my WONDERFUL family gave me, as part of my birthday present (which was a new sewing space – eeeek!) granted me with one whole day in the sewing room. I came out periodically to fix tea and put out the odd bush fire that only a mummy can – but all in all, it was ONE WHOLE DAY in the sewing room from mid-morning til midnight!

Sewing Room

Happy Birthday to me… minus the hideous curtain

I commenced a few new projects I have been meaning to get to and I finalised a few that had been parked due to shoe priorities. Firstly I completed a custom order for a multi-coloured pair of soft soled baby shoes for a client to take to a rainbow themed (gay pridebaby shower! I think they turned out well and the client says she and mums-to-be were very happy… what more can I ask!

Custom Order – Multicoloured soft soled shoes for rainbow themed baby shower. Shoe inspired by Cameron Sneaker by ithinksew.

I also got back to my Colette Pastille Dress which I desperately wanted to wear my first day back to work after the holidays. The fabric is so summery and bright I was certain it would keep the holiday lingering despite my bland office surrounds. Funny thing is I posted my picture on facebook through Instagram and had received some lovely feedback. After work I dashed quickly through my front door and started picking up my son’s toys when I felt a little breeze in the back… I thought “oh, no have I broken the zip?” only to find I had not actually finished the zip from the waist down… oh the horror if my tacking had of come undone to expose my ass to my colleagues! Seems I was so pleased to have finalised my hip fit (which I find challenging because I have only have little hips, so the big curves in the pattern need to be slashed out) I pressed and went on with my day… the holiday could have really come to an abrupt end (pardon the pun) – sewing lesson learnt!


Patille Dress

The other little project I finished up was my contribution to the Handmade Cooperative’s Great Pillowcase Challenge for the charity, Pillowcases 4 Oncology Kids.  But I think I will add this under a separate post… so watch this space. To be involved you don’t need to know how to sew – you can simply decorate a purchased pillowcase. Submission must be received by the Handmade Cooperative before 10 February 2013 – see their website (linked above) for details. 


The Handmade Cooperative Great Pillowcase Challenge for Pillowcases 4 Oncology Kids

So the new projects I will post in the very near future (now that I have written it I am committed!!) are my new sewing room curtains (practical and a little boring I know, but wait until you see the fabric… oh, so beautiful). This is a great project for me because even though rod pocket curtains are notoriously easy, I have always allowed mum to take the lead there… well, no longer – I must do them myself. You really should sew your own sewing room curtains or you don’t deserve a sewing room.

My other little fun project is the Portrait Blouse from Gertie’s Book for Better Sewing (which I also got for Christmas) – I did roll my eyes a little at the thought of  hand-rolled hems but it was surprisingly very therapeutic and the effort is worth the result.  So I have one more arm to hem and a zip to FINISH… (remember FINISH, FINISH, FINISH) and I will share the final product… sneak peak below

Portrait Blouse in Progress – hand rolled hems like a pro!

This Lil’ Piggy Starts Blogging

This Lil’ Piggy Starts Blogging

SOOOooo here goes nothing… welcome to my blog!

Hello, my name is Rebecca (Bec Beckie Becks Becca) and I am a craftaholic… I am a mummy (16yo daughter and 13mth old son), a ‘partner’ (I hate that term but equally hate girlfriend) to my lovely fella, and I live in Brighton, Queensland, Australia 4017. I work for the Queensland Public Service and in my spare time I love hanging out with family and friends, trawling the internet for awesome stuffs, crafting and sewing.DSC_1240

This Lil’ Piggy Blogging takes it name from my business This Lil Piggy – Handmade Soft Soled Shoes for Babies, Wobblers and Toddlers. I opened my facebook business page this month and have really enjoyed the adventure so far. I went off to the North Pine Country Markets on 16 December 2012 and I am off to the new Rock a Buy Baby Boutique Markets on 16 February 2013.

This blog will reflect my love of sewing and my local 4017 community which is full of talented crafters, sewers and small business entrepreneurs. Brighton itself is not often well recognised (despite its awesomeness) and is located just before the Hornibrook Bridge to Redcliffe and beside the beautiful bayside suburbs of Sandgate and Shorncliffe.

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