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I’m Showing Off: A Cat Like Curiosity

I’m Showing Off: A Cat Like Curiosity

This month I have decided to showcase some Etsy artisans beginning with the fabulously named: A Cat Like Curiosity552957_319699418104099_1281962667_n

A Cat Like Curiosity is the creative outlet of English artist Sarah Evans. Sarah offers up a beautiful collection of works focused predominately on digital and mixed media art. Her artwork is loving used to create bespoke jewellery items including necklaces and brooches.

Talking about her Etsy store Sarah says:

I have grown to love creating. The more time I devote to it the happier I feel. I literally spend every spare moment I have creating lovely things for people to view and hopefully welcome into their homes.

I literally couldn’t imagine my life without this store – it is so much a part of me and my vision of the future now.

I am happiest creating lovely gifts filled with inspiration, love and light. All of my work is infused by a desire to inspire and uplift.

And look at some of the lovely work she produces:

One of my favourite items from A Cat Like Curiosity is the pocket mantra cards – what a great idea! They are $10 plus postage but priceless inspiration on the go.

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A Cat Like Curiosity:




Twitter: (a lovely profile page too – worth checking out!)


Talk more soon,
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